Effective Leadership

Before you can talk about priorities and policy objectives, first you must have effective leadership. Nothing can be accomplished without it. Leadership is the ability to unite people behind a shared vision and goal. Effective leaders are transparent and open-minded. They’re good communicators who lead by example and motivate and inspire others. Effective leaders are capable of bringing people together, building consensus and finding common ground. Don’t get me wrong: there’s a time to compromise and a time to fight like hell for what our residents need, want and deserve. But in fighting for our residents, there’s an effective way and there’s a wrong way. My only agenda is to continue my service and help Volusia County through effective leadership, bringing people together, building consensus and finding common ground. I’ve led in business and community service with respect and humility while always working to make things better. That’s the kind of leader I will be as your next Volusia County Chair.

Sensible Growth Management

Like it or not, we’re going to continue to grow. Growth can’t be stopped. The questions that must be answered are: how will we grow, where will we grow and will that growth have a net positive or negative impact on our community. Growth can be managed in a way that doesn’t degrade our quality of life. But its management must start with common-sense, effective and enforceable zoning regulations, density limits and environmental protections. Growth doesn’t have to come at the cost of clean water. It doesn’t have to come at the cost of traffic gridlock. Outdoor recreation, green areas, a healthy environment and wildlife protection shouldn’t suffer because of growth. Growth management requires a balanced approach. And it’s just one more reason why Volusia County needs effective leadership.

Quality Of Life

From our world-class beaches and water-based recreational opportunities offered by our abundant rivers, lakes and springs to our expansive network of parks, trails and green areas, environmental preserves, museums, charming downtowns and rich historic and cultural programs and facilities, Volusia County provides a truly wonderful quality of life for residents and visitors alike. It’s what makes us such an exceptional and desirable community. In addition to visionary leaders and local advocates and activists, we have Volusia County voters to thank for enriching our quality of life through their overwhelming approval and renewal of the extremely popular and successful ECHO and Volusia Forever programs. These outstanding programs add great value to our county, not only for the enrichment of residents, but also as an important economic driver. We must do everything possible to protect, preserve and enhance our quality of life and be good stewards over the resources and programs we’ve inherited to ensure their continued enjoyment for future generations.

Jobs Creation

Volusia County continues to export its most precious resource – people. That’s because a shortage of good, high-paying jobs results in families having to watch their children leave the county in search of better career opportunities. We can and must do better. Volusia County needs to diversify its economy to produce more and better-paying jobs – clean jobs, science and technology jobs, medical and pharmaceutical jobs, aerospace industry jobs, engineering jobs. I want our community to thrive economically and offer more and better opportunities for our children and grandchildren to build their careers, their families and their futures right here in Volusia County. As County Chair, job creation and retention will be a primary focus.

Public Protection

Safety and public protection are the backbone of any community and job No. 1 for government. As County Chair, wise, thorough and thoughtful oversight of Volusia County’s public protection, emergency management and first responder networks in coordination with our municipal partners and medical providers will be a very high priority for me. We must ensure that our first response systems have the support, tools and resources needed to effectively and efficiently meet the medical and safety needs of our residents and visitors and protect and lead during times of emergency.

Fiscally Conservative Government

Adopting annual budgets and tax rates and establishing service levels and priorities are the County Council’s most important responsibilities. And just as with a family or business budget, government must be fiscally disciplined and learn to live within its means. I pledge in all decisions to always be mindful of the residents who are paying the bills. After all, it’s your money. When it comes to budget and taxation, my three guiding principles will be conservative, efficient and responsible.